This unique heat shrinkable shield Tube(SS Tube) have two layrs. Out-layer is a heat shrinkable tube as inslation, and inner-layer is a flexible shielding material.

    So, Expol's SS Tube provide a good shielding effects, a good flexibility and a proper physical properties for and environment.


      1. Out-layer : Flame retardant heat shrinkable tube

                         (105 UL or MIL approval products.)

      2. Inner-Layer : conductive foil(Max. 0.1/sq)

      3. Drain wire(optonal) : Tin plated copper wires


      1. Rating : 105, 300V

      2. Shrinking rate : 50% or more in the radial direction

                                  10% or less in the longitudial direction

      3. the starting temperature of shrinkage : App.60

      4. Shielding Effectiveness : Min. 60dB

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